EITCI, The European IT Certification Institute

Welcome to the European Information Technologies Certification Institute

EITCI Institute is an international non-profit association seated in Brussels, working towards development of Inclusive Digital Society by dissemination of high quality standards in IT competencies attestment. It also pursues active participation in development and adoption of new Information Technologies in domains such as quantum information and communication, AI and cybersecurity through applied research, implementation, standardization, certification and accreditation by joint efforts of academic and industrial IT experts from both the EU and abroad.

EITCI Institute brings together its members from among representatives of academia and industry in relevant, specific Information Technology applications and science fields, who cooperate towards development and dissemination of high quality IT certification frameworks in professional competencies attestement, as well as formulate and implement research activities and technological standardization frameworks. EITCI Insititute focuses on development of methodologies and standards to support IT skills and expertise dissemination in the international society, along with dedication to excellence of further progress in IT and its applications.

The skills and competencies Certification Programmes governed by the EITCI Institute include:

and constitute an international framework for formal confirmation and recognition of the level and quality of IT competencies and skills held by certified individuals in relevant Information Technologies and applied informatics fields and disciplines.

The mission of the EITCI Institute is to accelerate growth of the Inclusive Digital Society and Knowledge Based Economy, as well as to counter digital exclusion in societies worldwide and advance proliferation of Information Technologies. This goal is set for implementation on three planes of EITCI Institute's activity. First, by increasing accessibility to IT Certification Programmes, which are non-commercially and commercially available to individuals and institutions in the EU and abroad, aiming for as wide as possible dissemination of high quality IT competencies and knowledge. Second, by cooperating with institutional standardization bodies and technology providers, supporting growth of quality and safety of critical IT applications and of related products. And third by engagement with fellow member researchers in both fundamental and applicable research towards better understanding of information and its role in other domains of science and technology, including among others physical foundations of information processing, information and communication theory, cyber security, quantum computation and communication, artificial intelligence, neural sciences and the fundamental topological aspects of information.

We encourage you to acquaint yourself with more details on the purpose and mission of the EITCI Institute and with the IT Certification programmes developed and disseminated by EITCI. If you are interested in accessing any of the IT Certification programme developed by EITCI Institute be sure to visit EITCA Academy where the Certification programmes are commercialized internationally online.