The EITCI IT Certification Programmes constitute a recognized IT competencies and e-skills formal confirmation standard in the European Union (with over 100 thousand of Certifications issued since 2008) which is commercially disseminated on the EU market as well as international non-EU markets and its private and public educational sectors within a cooperation between EITCI and its accredited partners (educational institutions of public or private ownership, including schools, universities, colleges, vocational training centers, non-governmental or governmental organizations, private enterprises and all other parties or entities engaged in educational activities related to IT). Depending on the model of cooperation all the materials and didactic technology are be provided for the partners, who can contribute in the following scopes:

  • Distribution and sales (e.g. including EITCI Certification offer in its educational services offerings to its own customers),
  • Technology (within related didactic and examination processes),
  • Programme contents (by employing also possibility to accredit non-EU partner educational programmes, and thus expanding EITCI Certification Programmes scopes).

A partner can be commercializing EITCI standards by paying license fees (between 25% and 50% of the price depending on the model of cooperation) to the EITCI Institute from each sold EITCI Certification. Minimal reference prices of the EITCI Certification Programmes (including bulk promotional B2B offers) are presented in the EITC/EITCA Brochure and at EITCI webpages. Also depending on the model of business cooperation all the didactic, examination and certification processes are performed by the EITCI Institute.

Cooperation agreement and the EITCI Accreditation

If a potential partner is interested in cooperation with EITCI, EITCI Institute will perform accreditation of the partner granting it with a license for commercial dissemination of the EITCI Certification Programmes (details of cooperation are specified by the bilateral business cooperation agreement between a partner and EITCI Institute). After such an agreement is concluded EITCI experts support partner in deployment of EITCI Certifications offer within its IT related educational offerings in terms of technology and all related processes.