Introductory information about membership in the EITCI Institute

The European Information Technologies Certification Institute is an international professional not-for-profit association of IT experts and educators of academic and industrial backgrounds. In its legal form the EITCI Institute is an international association formed by the members, including natural persons and legal entities. Membership categories are Academic Members, General Members, Institutional Members and Governing Members. Academic Members are individuals who hold at least a 70% position with an academic institution or otherwise mostly pursue an academic activity. General Members are individuals who otherwise take an active interest in IT certification issues. General and Academic Members can also include relevant fields IT experts coauthoring the EITCI Institute's certification curriculums. Institutional Members qualify as legal persons concerned with IT certification standards, e.g. IT training centers, R&D institutes, universities, companies, etc. (including legal persons who have been appointed with the EITCI Institute’s IT certification standards license, for the duration of their appointment as licensees). Governing Members are individuals who directly engage in activities pursued by the Institute and are dedicated to continuous support of the Institute’s development.

EITCI Institute's members are able to take part in shaping of the Institute's activities upon its statutory mission of pursuing development and international dissemination of high quality standards in IT competencies and IT solutions certification.

Application for Membership

Academic, General and Institutional membership must be applied for through the Institute's website, by e-mail or letter. Applicants must commit to abide by the Articles of Association and the Internal Rules. Applicants must furnish, upon request and under clearly defined conditions of confidentiality, sufficient information to evaluate membership application and verify their proper membership class. All applying persons should have their expertise associated with certain domain of IT and be able to document it upon the application. Academic Members commit to notify the Institute immediately when the pre-conditions for academic membership cease to apply. A duly constituted Membership Committee admits new Members. In the event of rejection, the applicant may request re-consideration of the application by the Board, the decision of which is final and requires no justification.

To apply for the Membership in the EITCI Institute please contact:

End of Membership

The membership of any Member of the Association shall terminate:

  • Upon decease, incapacity or insolvency of an individual;
  • Upon voluntary or forced dissolution or liquidation of a legal person or association;
  • By resignation;
  • Upon suspension or expulsion.

Members may resign from the Institute by notifying the Board in writing. The resignation will take effect on receipt of the notification by the Institute. A Member deemed to cause damage to the interests of the Institute may be suspended or expelled by the Board. The Member will be notified of the suspension or the expulsion. The Member concerned shall in any case have the right to present its defense beforehand. In case of expulsion, the Member shall also have a right of appeal before the General Assembly. A suspended Member shall not be entitled to vote, to attend meetings of the Institute, or otherwise to participate in the activities of the Institute during the suspension period. No Member who has resigned or has been expelled, nor its beneficiaries or creditors will have any right to the assets of the Institute, nor to any reimbursement of the membership fees or donations.

Membership fees

Members shall pay membership fees to the EITCI Institute set by the General Assembly, which may vary by membership class. The Board determines the terms and method of payment. Membership is only effective upon receipt of the membership fee. In the event of resignation or exclusion of a Member the fee is not reimbursable.