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EITC The European Information Technologies Certification Programme
Programme name:
EITC/CG/ACSU 3D graphics design and visualisation software (AutoCAD and SketchUp)
Issue date:
January 2015
Holder's name:
Lorraine van Lierde
Holder's country:
Examination center:
CompSecur Sp. z o.o. Wroclaw Poland
Earned ECTS credits:

Certification Programme examination result and description:

EITC/CG/ACSU 3D graphics design and visualisation software (AutoCAD and SketchUp)
Certification Programme description: AutoCAD: Introduction to AutoCAD; User interface: workspace and navigation, keyboard shortcuts and commands, working with layers (layer status); Basic objects: oval objects, angular objects, object properties; Modification of objects: description of most important tools; Areas hatching; Objects dimensioning; Work supporting features: blocks, regions, multiline, inquiries; Designing: apartment interior design, garden design, printing; Google SketchUp: Introduction to SketchUp; User interface: title bar, main menu, drawing axes, toolbars, workspace and navigation (camera tools), types of interfaces: point, linear, planar; Working with layers; Tools and their properties: main tools, drawing tools, modification tools, construction tools; Design, construction and presentation of larger objects; Working with Google Earth; Realistic rendering and 2D effects: shadows, fog, scenes and animation; Designing: image import and export; house 3D design (interior designing, building 3D models from photographs), garden 3D design (terrain modelling)
Certification Programme version/revision: EITC/CG/ACSUv1r2)
Earned ECTS credits: 2

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