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EITC The European Information Technologies Certification Programme
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EITC/CG/CAG Conceptual aspects of graphics
Issue date:
January 2015
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Lorraine van Lierde
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Examination center:
CompSecur Sp. z o.o. Wroclaw Poland
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EITC/CG/CAG Conceptual aspects of graphics
Certification Programme description: General art related concepts: art and artistic creation in human life, the basic functions of art, visual perception (influence of suggestion, space perception); The concept of form: form as the shape and layout, various forms of creative expression (sculpture, installation, ceramics, applied arts and industrial design, performance art, multimedia art); Composition in visual art: concept of composition, planar composition, composition types, rhythm in the composition, golden ratio, colour composition (colour in composition creation); Perspective in visual art: the concept of perspective, perspective types, shadows perspective; Colour: basic information about the colours (colours mixing, primary colours, black and white, interaction of colours), colour and optics, harmonising colours, primary colours, pigments and their features, colour and light in computer graphics (transition between RGB mode and CMYK mode, Lab colour space); Typography: general information, basic issues of typography (font, typeface, construction of letter, lines of type, typographic measurement systems), typography in electronic media (functional and aesthetic elements in creating a web page, navigation structure, page layout); Logo and visual identity: logo as a brand mark, logo as a part of visual identity, brand book, trends in the design of logos for corporate identity; Artistic techniques: painting techniques (the technique of oil painting, acrylic technique, watercolour technique, tempera technique), graphic techniques (woodcut, linocut, engraving, screen printing); Characteristics of selected epochs in art: prehistoric art, ancient art (ancient Egyptian Art, ancient Greek art, ancient Roman art), Middle Ages art (Romanesque, Gothic), modern art (Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, modernism), conceptual art, contemporary art
Certification Programme version/revision: EITC/CG/CAGv1r2)
Earned ECTS credits: 2

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